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The Jester-in-Exile was once annoyed by a comment made a reporter, wherein the reporter said that the press (pertaining to the mainstream media) is the gatekeeper of information. It was said matter-of-factly, which reeked of arrogance to some people. Well, if the gatekeeper keeps on goofing up, we should look for a new gatekeeper, no?

Just take a look at this. Information about a murder, massacred by two gatekeepers.

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UP prof found dead in Quiapo

High school teacher found dead in Manila apartment

The gatekeepers had just chosen to present us with conflicting information. So much for being gatekeepers.

And has the Roman Catholic Church changed its stance regarding family planning?

Just look at this news report. I quote (emphasis mine):

“The life of a person is important, from the moment of conception. The mother’s womb is a sanctuary of life and the mother should fight for the life of her child,” Santos said.

So it is OK to use condoms now, Father Santos?

4 thoughts on “News break

  1. Yeah, bloggers are much more accurate sources of news 😛

    And hasn’t “life begins at the moment of conception” always been the official Church stance? That’s their basis for opposing abortion, right?

  2. I don’t consider blogs to be a source of news. I mean, if I distrust mainstream media (and we should), I apply the same to bloggers. The press at least have a code of ethics to guide them, bloggers do not have such – just look at some blogs.

    As for the Church stance, if that has been the case, then how come they oppose condoms and the like?

  3. I was being sarcastic about bloggers being new sources 😛

    As for the Church’s irrational stance on birth control…. The Church speaks for God. God doesn’t have to explain himself to you 😛

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