Annoyance of the Week: Huli ka!

Yesterday, I got a call in the office.

Telemarketer (T): Hello, is this ARBERT (sic) Bernardo?

Me (M): Speaking. (Annoyed by the mispronounced name.)

T: Hi, sir, this is ***** from *bank*, I would like to follow up on your credit card application.

M: What credit card application? (I have an idea this is just an agent who knows nothing but my misspelled name and office phone.)

T: You have a pending application with us sir.

M. Oh, ok. (Damn right I have.)

T: Do you have another credit card, sir?

M: Yes, from *bank 2*.

T: Aside from that?

M: That’s all. (Actually I have 3 more from different banks, but why should I tell her?)

T: Sir, may I know your birth date?

M: But I thought I have a pending application? It should be right there, right?

T: (Begins mumbling and fumbling) I have to verify sir.

M: There is no application, right?

T: (Surrenders) Sir, our supervisor just gave me your name and phone number.

M: Sorry, not interested.

T: Ok, sir.

End of call.

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