For almost every week nights, I’ve been watching CSI and CSI:Miami on Fox Crime (due to circumstances that I hope I could share sometime soon). I also try to watch CSI Supreme Sunday over AXN. Well, I think it’s too much CSI already, specially if you dream about it.

So last night I had a CSI dream. It was weird, because at one point in the dream, there was a discussion about a power interruption, and I woke up. The electric fan was dead. There was indeed a power interruption. It lasted for a few minutes only, then went back to sleep and some sex-related dreams, which propriety does not allow me to share to you, even if you are most curious about it. Sorry.

Speaking of CSI, have you noticed that among the three leaders of the CSI teams, David Caruso’s character is the non-geeky? At least Gary Sinise’s character (Mac Taylor in CSI:New York) can do geeky stuff and act macho; William Petersen’s (Gil Grissom of CSI) is too geeky (and witty, I must say) – understandable since the character is supposed to hold a PhD. But I think Caruso’s Horatio Caine cool. When a CSI:Miami episode starts, I always exclaim “Caruso!” Well, he reminds me of Fernando Poe Jr.

And how we wish our SOCO has crime labs like those shown on TV.

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