The Eraserheads Reunion Concert 2008

(NB: It is spelled Eraserheads. Get that?)

I like the Eraserheads, I’m not a big fan as Influential Fritz is, but I really like them. I mean, I have their tapes – Ultraelectromagneticpop, Circus (my favorite), Cutterpillow, Fruitcake – and I enjoyed singing them in the banyo. No, not a big fan to kill for tickets, not a big fan to shell out monies to watch a concert, but a fan still, I guess.

When the hoopla regarding the Eraserheads Reunion Concert began, I was mildly interested but not enough to say I WANNA WATCH. Even when a cigarette company began taking registrations for FREE tickets, I did not move an inch. Maybe I was lazy, or maybe I was kinda turned off by this move. When the concert was almost canceled thanks to Department of Health (which I think is in the right), I felt bad for big fans like Fritz. But when the plans were changed and the show was a go, well, it was great for big fans, even if they have to shell out monies.

Then Ely Buendia’s mother died. That for me is a very good reason to cancel the concert, yet the show must go on. For this, I must commend Mr. Buendia – a true artist believes that the show must go on, and with his decision, he has shown that he is an artist and an entertainer. (Some part of me says it’s all about the money, but there’s nothing wrong with earning your bread, right?).

Yet, I was there. How did that happen?

It was a convoluted story that does not need retelling, but suffice to say that I was there.

I had two first-moments last night:

  • It was my first open-air concert ever.
  • It was my first Eraserheads concert ever.

When the first countdown ended, the reaction was all cheers. And then they played. And played. And played. And oh boy. It was like a huge videoke session, with the audience singing along. And all those cellphones! And digital cameras! And straight-from-the-box bottled water and iced tea!

After the last song of the first set, Ely sat in exhaustion, which for me was understandable. Was surprised that there was intermission. Twenty minutes had passed and no Eraserheads came out. Then the three members came out, together with a lady and the promoter. The lady turned out to be Ely’s brother, who announced that Ely was rushed to the hospital. The concert was cut short.

My favorite songs were not played. I was wishing for Wishing Wells (they played Fruitcake, so there’s a slim chance it would be played). I thought Minsan would be the most apt finale. But it was not meant to be.

The Eraserheads defined a generation. Witness the thousands of people who saw them play for probably the last time. This was the generation that grew up in the dark due to those interminable power outages. This was the generation that began exploring their world. This was the generation that was seeking answers to their questions. This was the Eraserheads generation.

The Eraserheads heralded the explosion of the bands into the mainstream of pop. They spearheaded the invasion of the bands into the popular consciouness. Sure, there were better bands, but the Eraserheads captured the people’s attention.

Hence, the Eraserheads’ place in history is fixed.

My Plurk during the concert: Countdown to start of eheads reunion concert begins. 7:54

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UPDATE: Here is a video of the countdown and the first song, Alapaap. Taken using Sony Ericsson P1i.

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