Alan Peter Cayetano: Talk Less, Please

Is Alan Peter Cayetano more of talk, less of substance?

He is one of the most vocal (and to some, the noisiest) opponents of Gloria Arroyo at the House of Representatives, and the people had seen his performance during the failed impeachment attempts. At that point, he was already considered a senatoriable.

And what a thorn he was to Mike Arroyo’s side. His “expose” of a supposed secret bank account had led to Arroyo’s attempt to have him expelled from the House. However, many are bewildered by Cayetano’s refusal to present his evidence and on his insistence that Arroyo sign a waiver, leading the people believe he is just blustering and fishing.

Cayetano has a plausible reason for such insistence: the secret account cannot be revealed unless Arroyo says anyone can look at it. Arroyo got a certification from a German bank, stating that he has no account with the said bank. At first glance, Cayetano appeared to be a fool.

I cannot blame others if they doubt the competence and reputation of Cayetano. He has yet to show his true mettle. I suggest that he refrain from his attacks and instead tell the people in simplest terms his legislative agenda. (Heck, all senatorial candidates should do this.)

At the end of the day, the people will tell him to either put up or shut up.

PS: If there’s one argument for the scrapping of the bar exams, it is one name: Oliver Lozano.

7 thoughts on “Alan Peter Cayetano: Talk Less, Please

  1. Alan the Liar

    Alan Peter Cayetano is a born liar…a boy who is always crying wolf, even without proof that there indeed is a wolf as in the case of Mike Aroyo’s alleged german bank account. He once again cried wolf when KBL included Joselito “Peter” Cayetano in its senatorial line-up saying that it was again Mike who is trying to sabotage his candidacy by asking his name sake to run for a seat in the senate.

    People should not vote for this lying moron in the coming May elections.

  2. If you wish to turn down the administration you will end up your career. Don’t you know that GMA is appointed president of God in the Phil. How many rallies and demonstrations happened in Manila. The Question Why? why Arroyo is still President until now.

  3. You said you are born again of what? born again of being son of your father which the author of LIES, VIOLENCE, TROUBLE. Being born again in the spirit of GOD it should be manifested in doing what is good in the sight of GOD. But what are you doing, it is done by your father the “d_____” . Don’t deceive FILIPINO! This is the Day of the Lord” this is not our will anymore.

  4. Buenas dias!

    Noy no cre cunese pamparon kay ele el demonyo hinde tu nuay lang se cosa ase na vida cuchino se ele…greso cara

    ase ka el husto kay talyi kun ikaw el dios mga ladron se sila
    cun cuidaw tu na zamboanga del sur kay ese sila ya ase daya el election ya pasa. ya usa lang sila el mga militar

  5. alan noy,

    era gana uste na election kay bien bueno asta tu mga uban…ese c gma manada ya se cosa ya ase malo na pilipinas todo nuay nada huntu kun su mga alyados igual tamen cunele…asta qui VIVA OPOSITION!!!

  6. Cong Cayetano is fighting for the truth. If you want a government run by corrupt men and woment then continue to join this Arroyo propaganda against him. He is the only one brave enough to speak up against this government. If you are truly a christian then regardless if you are for the administgration or the opposition you would support a person who is fighting for transparency in our government. Dont use the Lords name is vain and use it to protect the arroyos

  7. Fighting for the truth is an honorable struggle…it is one of the qualities of a hero. but exposing the “truth” that has no basis in fact can be construed as getting the necessary media mileage to jump start alan the liar’s plan to be known all over that would surely help him in his senatorial bid. Alan the liar is no hero…he is a corrupt politician who would do anything and everything even exposing his lies masquerading as truth…if he could do it with Mike Aroyyo, then he could do it to both you and me.

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