Sumilao sa Metro Manila

The irony is almost lost.

The marching Sumilao farmers are now in Metro Manila. These Sumilao farmers began their journey from Sumilao, a poor municipality in the province of Bukidnon, where Juan Miguel Zuburi, Senator of Maguindanao, hails from. Yesterday, the Sumilao farmers went to the Senate, and they were able to talk with several senators. Zubiri, unfortunately, was not among them.

Conveniently, he was included in the congressional junket to Spain, accompanying her patron, Gloria Arroyo. When he drops by Lourdes, I hope that when he prays, he will be enlightened enough to support these Sumilao farmers.

Who am I kidding, though?

The irony is still there, though: while the Sumilao farmers had marched 1700 kilometers by foot (riding sea vessels to jump from several islands), under the glare of the sun and the sleet of the rains, sleeping where they were accommodated, eating whatever food they can scrounge; there is the senator of Maguindanao, flying business class, staying at plush hotels (paid for by the host country or by our taxes I cannot say), eating succulent and mouth-watering dishes.

All I can say is that the reign of greed is truly upon us. Kailan sisilaw ang liwanag ng katarungan?

For more updates on the Sumilao march, click here.

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