Yet Another Pork & Beans Recipe, Au Gratin

This recipe will shatter all misconceptions that everything cooked using a frying pan entails serious work. I assure you, once you have all four ingredients on hand, you’ll only spend ten minutes in your kitchen. Max.

Ever heard of pork & beans cooked with egg and topped with grated cheddar cheese? No? Ever tasted one? Then this is your lucky day! Took these shots last night while I was doing my late night dinner. Cost is under P50 if we apportion the cost of the cheese.

Here’s what you’ll need (aka, the Ingredients):

230g can of Pork & Beans1 Egg1/5 of a 180g block of cheddar cheeseground black pepper

The procedure is very simple.

Empty contents of a 230g can of Pork & Beans in a pre-heated frying pan.

Add 1 egg. Springkle mixture with a dash of ground black pepper. Stir thoroughly until egg is cooked with the sauce and the beans.

Take the pan away from heat transfer contents in a serving bowl. Top with 1/5 of a 180g block of cheddar cheese (or as much as you like) to taste.

Finished product (with more cheese than usual, I know). Best served hot. Serves one hungry bachelor. Grub away!

4 thoughts on “Yet Another Pork & Beans Recipe, Au Gratin

  1. I would’ve tried it out when you told me about it over at Plurk, but I unfortunately ran out of P&Bs!!! With this easy to follow instructions I’m sure I won’t burn it! Haha.

  2. We put P&B, eggs, and cheese together, all great and safe-tasting by themselves. The fusion has interestingly familiar texture and flavor. Gusto ko ulit gumawa ngayon. LOL

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