You only live once, so get the most out of food

Well, you know the story. You just came from work, you live alone at home, and you are hungry. What’s to eat is a universal question, and bachelors are not exempted. A bachelor always has two choices: cook or eat out.

This blog is born to help bachelors in making their day-to-day (or night-to-night) food decisions. If a bachelor (that might be you) chooses to brave the kitchen, what can he cook with ease, within a tight budget, and have some semblance of taste? If he chooses to go out and eat, where is the best place to get crispy pata (Manuel L. Quezon III’s favorite, based on Twitter)? If you are a bachelor who lives alone and if you grapple with food issues all the time, then this blog might be for you.

The bloggers behind this blog will present you with easy-to-cook, outrageous, and out-of-this-world recipes, if you choose to do the cooking yourself. And if you are craving for the best siopao in the metro, we will try looking for it for you. We will be asking you where to get the best food, and we will try it out. If we are satisfied, we will feature it.

We will try to post healthy recipes/food trips, but being bachelors, who cares, right? You only live once, so get the most out of food. That is our philosophy (until we reach the age of forty, or our blood pressure is 190/100, or we get married, whichever comes first), and we hope we could impart it through this blog.

Bon appetit!

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  1. @AJ, thanks!

    @Prudence, Nauna na si MLQ3 he he.

    @Aileen, will try to please our customers, he he.

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