Action speaks louder than words

The latest on Cris Mendez’s case.

Ariel Paolo Ante, said to be the one who recruited CA to Sigma Rho, files for certiorari and prohibition with urgent application for injunctive relief against the University of the Philippines’ Student Disciplinary Tribunal. He claims that the SDT is biased against him and has already prejudged the case.

Note that another student involved in CA’s case had filed for a TRO, but was turned down by the court. I hope that Ante suffers the same fate.

The problem with Ante is that he only has himself to blame if people has prejudged him. After all, immediately after CA’s death, he’s been goners. He’s been hiding from the SDT, from the NBI, from the PNP.

Speaking of Palpak na Police, how good are our policemen nowadays? (In the following sentences, I will be talking about the portion of the police force, not all of them.) Well, look at the story above. Ante’s lawyer can contact him, but the police cannot find him.

Another: Student falls prey to drive-by snatching modus. It was the second incident WITHIN A WEEK within Quezon City. With so many high profile crimes at QC (remember the bank robberies that happened within a week also?) you wonder what the PNP is doing.

Simple: it is busy manning checkpoints whenever a rally is scheduled to happen within Metro Manila. Remember the experience of Jhay Rocas last February 29? Well, Coy Caballes reported via Twitter of another PNP checkpoint at Molino in Bacoor, Cavite yesterday. There was a scheduled anti-Gloria Arroyo rally yesterday at Liwasang Bonifacio in Manila.

And speaking of which, Arroyo’s old men believe the worst is over. Yet when there is a rally, they activate Manila Shield. Action speaks louder than words.

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  2. Actually, that same checkpoint at Molino, Bacoor last Friday once more stopped a DLSU-D school bus carrying athletes not going to Liwasang Bonifacio, but back to DLSU-D! It seems that DLSUD is a favorite of the local police in Cavite.

    jhay’s last blog post..Frustrated with the Brother printer

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