I am not voting for Gibo

Too bad for Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro, his “galing at talino” is not apparent during his stint as Secretary of National Defense.

I will not deny the general observation about Gibo during those debates and fora – he is articulate, he gave the best answers to difficult questions, and he has the charisma to charm even members of his own gender (and preference). The overall assessment is that Gibo is quite intelligent, knowledgeable in fields that no ordinary politician will delve into. In short,

In an ideal world (and circumstance), Gibo is the best choice in this year’s candidates for the presidency. But this is reality.

Teodoro was Secretary of National Defense (SecDef) from August 2007 (replacing Avelino Cruz, who resigned allegedly due to policy differences with Gloria Arroyo) till he resigned last year to seek the presidency. As SecDef, he had direct supervision over the Armed Forces of the Philippines. How did he fare as SecDef. Patricia Evangelista answers in her Philippine Daily Inquirer column, The guns of Gibo:

In a testimony by Esmael “Toto” Mangudadatu, husband and brother of many of the victims from the Nov. 23 Maguindanao massacre, Teodoro had warned him repeatedly to curb his intention to challenge the Ampatuans for Maguindanao’s governorship. The Ampatuans, he said, were prone to violence, and Mangudadatu risked his own life by choosing to throw the electoral gauntlet. This is the same Teodoro, by his own admission, who used the Ampatuans as a buffer against the MILF in his term in national defense. His was a choice to pander to the Ampatuans’ demands, choosing to appeal to the Mangudadatus not to exercise their legal and democratic right to run for public office, asking them not to offend his guard dogs in Maguindanao.

And still, when bodies were being scraped out of the foothills of Sitio Masalay, Teodoro bewailed how the massacre “had laid to waste” all the good he did as defense chief, forgetting that his choices as defense chief permitted the massacre to happen. It is odd that he feels himself exempt from responsibility. When asked why he did not disarm the Ampatuans when he could, he claims it would have been difficult to disarm them “given the circumstance,” with kidnappings and tension over the Bangsamoro treaty. It can also be argued, it would have been difficult to disarm them while they remained allies of his own President.

And so fifty seven lives (at least thirty four were journalists) were gone, snuffed out by people who think they can murder people like they swat house flies. A massacre done by people who could have been disarmed by the security forces who was then headed by someone named Gibo Teodoro. He could have ordered the AFP to dismantle all private armies, but he did not. The Ampatuan massacre will stand as strong testimony on Gibo’s galing at talino.

As SecDef, he also headed the National Disaster Coordinating Council, the lead agency when it comes to disaster management and relief. The Wikipedia article for Teodoro has this curious line on the second paragraph of the entry:

He was also known for his contributions to the people after Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines.

Curious, because majority of victims of Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) will dispute that assertion. Curious, because maybe that’s the point of whoever wrote that Wikipedia article – his contributions to the man-made disaster that was NDCC’s actions during Ondoy’s inundation. He was head of DND/NDCC since 2007, and Ondoy visited Luzon last year. The NDCC under better leadership could have prepared for disasters by investing in necessary rescue assets. The flooding had caught NDCC with its pants down, and the general assessment was that the NDCC just did not know what to do. In fact, the NDCC had abdicated from its role and instead contented itself spewing statistics. And the most damning testimony of Teodoro’s galing at talino was the private sector’s massive effort in disaster relief, filling in for a non-existent, Teodoro-led NDCC.

And lastly, his statement that he would not actively push for the prosecution of his patron, Gloria Arroyo, is in itself a reason why I am not voting for him. I believe that Arroyo should be prosecuted for all the crimes that she committed in all those years she spent as president. I will not vote for Teodoro precisely because he has already exonerated her.

He might be intelligent, but I cannot see him using that intelligence for the common good. Not before, not now, and not ever.

(Read Gibbs Cadiz’ take on Manny Villar, Noynoy Aquino, and Gibo Teodoro. Read his comments on Gibo; Gibbs has demolished that “galing at talino” shit much better than I could.)

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  1. sometimes we have to work with what we have. the ampatuans were the criminals. we can’t blame Gibo for the massacre. the mindanao situation is complicated enough that it cannot be sorted with simple black and white policies. anyone who has been in a position of leadership would know what i mean. no offense meant to my fellow blogger, but i see your point. however, i still think Gibo is the best among a rotten lot.

  2. we can’t blame Gibo for the massacre.

    We have to work with what we have and what Gibo had was the law and the armed forces behind him, but he didnt use these. True, Gibo didnt pull the trigger or order the killings. The Ampatuans bear the guilt in full. However, Gibo knew them and their reputation for violence, aided them in their hold on power, and when someone professed willingness to challenge this power through peaceful means via elections, Gibo tried to dissuade them instead of offering his support to see to it that the elections are conducted within the law. Sorry, Mr Lazaro. He is the most rotten of the lot, all the more because he seems wholesome on the outside.

  3. Gibo is not the mastermind of maguindanao massacre, so don’t blame it to him. Let’s not close our eyes and be selective in pinpointing who tolerated the private armies as we all know that it started way back 1987.
    On ondoy, NDCC is not the sole authority to respond to any calamities but it is the duty of the local government units. Blame Senator Pimentel for that local government code and not G1BO. Please open your eyes and be realistic. Get more information.

  4. The Ampatuan massacre may be viewed as a black mark in Gibo’s record, but again, it’s not his fault. If you’ve lived in Mindanao for the past several decades, you’ll know just how dangerous dealing with the Ampatuans can be. It’s not just your life you’re gambling with — it’s also the lives of all the people you love.

    If you’ve been listening to his talks, you’ll also know that the AFP is woefully undermanned and underequipped. That’s why he made it a pillar of his platform to make leaner, meaner army units to better prevent cases like the Ampatuan massacre from happening again. (http://www.mb.com.ph/node/244568/teodoro-urge)

    And I agree with Mr Lazaro — Gibo’s the best in an unpopular group. He can’t possibly be the most rotten — I’m sure “someone else” holds that title with her hands down.

  5. I’m from Mindanao, and I know precisely how dangerous bully groups can be. Gibo had very little to work with. Our AFP cannot protect us, and we already had enough rebellions tying their hands down. The Ampatuans seemed dangerous, but until they did something, they had to be left alone. The principle of “Innocent until proven guilty.”

    As for Ondoy, it wasn’t Gibo’s job. Understand that rainfall of this magnitude has not happened in a very long time. Also, understand that in the Philippines, we rarely believe in preventative measures. No one ever does anything unless something hits them over the head. We cannot blame Gibo for those things simply because they were extraordinary. The Maguindanao Massacre and the Ondoy typhoon aren’t things that we were prepared for. And even if he had thought that it might have been good to prepare for them, who would have believed him? Disarm the private armies because they might massacre a lot of people? What if they used the excuse that those were just security personnel in a dangerous part of the country? Prepare for a month’s worth of flood happening in a handful of hours? Seriously.

    What’s more is the Filipino mentality. We have laws against littering alright, but those don’t change the fact that a lot of our drains were clogged with garbage. There’s a lot more at fault here than people in power.

    As for Gloria, notice the Villarroyo alliance that’s as clear as everything else she’s tried. The mass defections don’t help, neither does the lack of funding for Lakas-Kampi-CMD’s local officials. What’s more, he is the only one who seems to have even an ounce of integrity, never once slinging mud at his opponents. He uses his platform as his campaigning tool. That alone has earned my respect because I’m sick and tired of watching politicians black-smear each other.(See Villar, Gordon, Noynoy’s comments on each other.)

  6. I wish to infuse a better judgement about him based on principles. In this article which criticizes Gibo during his brief stint as SecDef and chairman of NDCC, i think it was wrong to accuse him of such incompetence and failure. Before tha massacre happened, the Ampatuans were known to be the leaders feared by the MILF and criminals in Maguindanao. That is why the Ampatuans perhaps, wrong as we look at it, built their own private armies even during the 90’s to reinforce and prevent the MILF and other rogue elements outnumber them. In a volatile region such as the muslim-infested Maguindanao, the police is evidently helpless in securing the thick-forest and communities of Maguindanao. Hence, the need for CAFGU’s or civilian armed forces which usually become private armies. This massacre should not be blamed on Gibo because no person can predict what is going to happen. Gibo surely did not know that the Ampatuan’s would go berserk and start shooting these innocents…. who would predict such scenario that not even the victims knoew that they will be killed. otherwise, they could have sought police to escort them in their filing of their COC’s…

    And on the Ondoy thing, we all know that the NDCC is not a permanent bureau or department. It is normally activated during the time of typhoons. Usually, this is done in coordination with PAG-ASA and members of NDCC includes DSWD, DOH and other departments. I think you missed some truths when you mentioned that Gibo failed to act completely that the NDCC was caught with their pants down. It was in fact during Ondoy’s onslaught that the good Secretary was sleepless for several days taking only a few minutes of naps in between, he even took the mrt and wade the floodwaters going to the GHQ of NDCC… He even immediatley assigned a spokesman to give regular updates on the situation on the ground as he was busy outside supervising the relief and rescue efforts…

    I hope in some way I have given a little of facts that would at least make you see a brighter point about these issues…

  7. inevitably, whether Gibo is the mastermind or not of the killings or not to be blamed for the disaster, bottomline is GIBO IS LIABLE FOR NEGLIGENCE OF HIS DUTY TO PROTECT PEOPLE’S LIVES BY PREVENTING MASSACRE & DISASTER TO HAPPEN

  8. Of course you can prevent a massacre. And I thing Gibo has some of the blood on his hands when he did nothing to control the reign of the Ampatuans. Advise Mangandadatus not to run against the Ampatuans? CRAZY! Where is the TALINO that he supposedly has? I know of people who will vote for him because he is articulate and looks “clean”. But please, he should walk his talk! As Congressman, he led the move to impeach then Chief Justice Davide which almost led to a constitutional cris. It is widely belived that Gibo was acting in support of his uncle, Danding Cojuangco who had pending cases with the Supreme Court. Considering that move, I now know that he is not clean as he looks.

    With Ondoy, since he is not God, he cannot prevent it. But he did not pass the test! He looked like a scared, wet cat in front of the cameras during the disaster. And as head of NDCC, we could have been more prepared for disasters. Sadly, under his leadership, the NDCC was not.

  9. Let me first define the word “prepared” according to the meriam webster dict.: “to make ready beforehand for some purpose, use, or activity”. Question, as a leader of the NDCC and all its downlines and members like PAG-ASA, DSWD, and so on and so forth, did Gibo lay down a solid plan on how to act if ever something in the future named “Ondoy” would come visit the Philippines? If not, its an “x” mark for him. But lets say he did prepare a plan long beforehand, was the galing and talino evident in those situations? Yes I know He instinctively acted right away when the disaster broke. It’s good for a leader to literally lead the band. But have he clearly showed the “Galing and Talino” in his preparation on such sudden tremors?

    Now about the Mindanao case. I won’t be blaming him one bit. But where is the “Galing and talino” in his words of wisdom for Mr. Magudadatu? Its like telling the poor guy to just stop any plan he has that would hurt the pride of the Ampatuans, because, as a leader of our country’s national defense, I could not defend you against the swarming private armies of the south.

    Now opinion wise, I would be supporting somebody who have already “done” something of greater extent. I’m not saying that there is a candidate that has already done a lot in public service and has proven himself atop the crop. No. All im saying is that my pick would be someone who is in the position to empathize with the needs, not just of our “good-life” forsaken Filipino brothers, but also those in his level and those above him. It’s kind of hard to feel something that you haven’t personally felt. Its a different situation being actually there, and just having a view from above looking at the people down there. Someone Who has already done something and has proven that what he has done, is possible, and can be brushed off to everyone.

    I myself see Gibo as someone “next-to-the-unblemished”. Minimal negative accounts (close to none) could be thrown at him. But running for presidential office needs plans that sit on solid, tangible, output, not on plans coated with sweets that looks luscious on the outside, but is untested on the inside. You can’t just pop out of nowhere and lay plans that you yourself haven’t even seen. Textbooks and experience, with relation to a common scenario, are two things apart, even though they say the same thing.

    Going back to the point of this blogger. If Gibo really is “Galing at Talino”, as he is advertised, then I’m sad to say that the potential he sees in himself, hasn’t gotten anywhere far yet. It’s there, I believe its there, but he’s still green, and he still need to prove it somewhere before aiming the top spot.

  10. We don’t blame GIBO. Hinahanap lang natin kung nasaan yung “GALING AT TALINO” niya noong nasa GOBYERNO siya. NDCC, Ondoy, Ampatuan.. Chances na sana yung para ipakita ang “GALING AT TALINO” kaso nasaan? Same… Empleyadong empleyado lang talaga si GIBO. In fairness to GIBO, articulate siya but not EXCEPTIONAL.

    Again, Hindi bineblame si GIBO sa AMPATUANs. Kung naduwag siya sa AMPATUAN ibig sabihin lang nun hindi siya ganun katapang.. Hindi siya ganun kagaling at deskartehan kung paano didisarmahan ang AMPATUAN.

    Again, Hindi bineblame si GIBO sa Ondoy. Kung hindi siya nakapagprepare ng maraming rubber boats, at good disaster response system hindi natin siya masisisi dun. Bakit? “Galing at Talino” lang ni GIBO ay pang eskwela. Hindi EXCEPTIONAL.. Yun ang problema. Kailangan natin ng PRESIDENTENG may NAPATUNAYANG galing!

    maka GIBO rin ako kaso tinimbang kong maigi, hindi ganun kagaling. I GO FOR GORDON! Ito ang totoong may napatunayan. Exceptional ang GALING.

    I go for Bayani as his VP also..

    Wish ko lang kay GIBO bigyan siya ng cabinet position para dumami pa EXPERIENC.. Hindi street smart si GIBO.. walang DESKARTE. Purely transactional.. typical empleyado.

    Check niyo si GORDON, ok yun.

  11. Honestly, kung hindi tumakbo si SENATOR GORDON, iboboto ko si GIBO. Pero habang nakikita ko yung mga FACTS ng ACHIEVEMENTS ng mga KANDIDATO, GORDON talaga lumilitaw. Tama yung sinabi ni thinking_pinoy, GIBO is still GREEN. HILAW in short. Huwag muna nating iboto ang HILAW. 9 years sa Congress si GIBO, ang mga achievements niya puro pangalan ng kalsada. 2 years sa NDCC, walang nakaka IMPRESS na upgrade or ACHIEVEMENTS.. In fairness sa to him sa “70%” corruption daw nawala.. Hindi ko lang alam kung paano kinompute yung 70%.. nasaan yung 30%? after niyan.. Meron pa ba? Check niyo modernization program ng AFP and tell me kung IMPRESSIVE.. Yan lang.. ano pa??? Hilaw na hilaw na hilaw.. Tingin ko nga, BUBOT pa.

  12. Sa mga maka GIBO, maging OPEN MINDED lang tayo. Mabuting tao si GIBO pero ang kailangan ng bansa natin ay PRESIDENTENG bukod sa pagiging MABUTING TAO ay may napatunayan ng “GALING at TALINO”… Matatalino mga GIBO supporters, likewise sa mga GORDON supporters. sa May 10 boboto tayo sa kauna unahang automated election… may ilang araw pa tayo para mag research.. WALANG AWAY dito.. Lahat tayo Pilipino at lahat tayo may pakealam sa MILYUN MILYONG PILIPINONG walang sapat na EDUKASYON, TRABAHO, TIRAHAN, PAGKAIN. Piliin natin ang may napatunayan na. Yan ang pakiusap ko sa inyo.

  13. “The Maguindanao Massacre and the Ondoy typhoon aren’t things that we were prepared for.”

    About the thing na we are not prepared for the Ondoy typhoon… OO, hindi tayo prepared kasi walang ginawang preparation.. 12 rubber boats?
    and to say na every year ilang bagyo ba ang dumadaan sa Pilipinas? In fact, noong 1970 binaha na ang manila ng katulad ng nangyari sa Ondoy.. there was even a research made.. may flood maps na ginawa.. pero nagamit ba yun? ginamit ba yun? may ginawa bah.. i’m not blaming Gibo all together.. pero if he really has this “GALING and TALINO”.. he should have done what he could have… TALINO oo.. pero GALING.. i doubt. He said there was no way we could have prepared for that.. no way? i say, yes way! yes, if we had GALING.

    I’m from Mindanao.. Yes, maraming private armies dito.. mahirap silang mapuksa because they’ve been here for so long… pero alam nyo ba kung gaano ka-peaceful sa Davao? kahit MILF takot manggulo dun.. kasi may effective leadership… MAYOR lang yun ha.. hindi presidente.. hindi sec of defense.. pero because may, again, effective leadership.. PEACEFUL sa Davao. So ano yang mga sinasabi nyong imposible? POSIBLE!
    Matagal na ang mga Ampatuan.. matagal na rin silang pumapatay pero nahahayaan pa rin.. nung time lang na iyon nalaman ng buong Pilipinas kasi ganun kadami ang nabuwis na buhay…

  14. i don’t think gibo is the one to be blamed for the two disaster- Ampatuan massacre and the ONDOY disaster. none of the current administration or even the media, noboday was prepared for that.

  15. You know what’s wrong with us Filipinos? We tend to idolized people because they intelligent or rich and we failed to see what’s underneath. I believe Gibo got the intelligence but he doesn’t have the will and skills to manage this country. Who could be more better than Gordon? Gordon is a man of action and it is right to have him as our president. Wag kaung masilaw sa salita. You people will never learn. Paano ang utak ni Gibo kong wala naman syang puso. Hay naku, hindi nga xa popular sa Ondoy incident. Baka nagpa-surgery lang xa sa face niya para naman mahalina kayo. Hay nako, get real.

  16. below are the thoughts i’ve posted on fb and twitter today. just thinking out loud as a concerned citizen:

    “don’t be a “bandwagon” voter, or worse… a puppet voter. instead, be a RESPONSIBLE VOTER.”

    “un4tun8ly, i see a lot of bandwagon voters tsk. d aasenso ang bansa pag ganyan lahat ng botante. God, have mercy on us.”

    “just bcos evry1 else thinks he/she s not winning, doesn’t mean u cnt vote 4 dat candidate. it’s ur choice. it’s ur right 2 choose. claim it!”

    yes… the above mentioned posts are referring to GIBO supporters. let’s go straight to the point… why are you voting this guy?

    is it because he’s intelligent? Intelligence is not enough to run a country.

    is it because he has magnificent plans for our country? We don’t need ideas, we need action! I don’t see it during his past experiences as a public servant.

    is it because he is young and charismatic? come on! think, guys. to think, most of his supporters are the youths. if that’s the case, then I don’t see “Ang Kabataan ang pag-ase ng bayan” motto is applicable anymore.

    One thing i’m mostly disappointed with most of his supporters is that they are being persuaded with all the talks. Gibo is clearly not a walk-the-talk type of person. I heard from a couple of friends switching from one good candidate to Gibo simply because they think the former won’t win and root for the one who most likely has the chance to win. what kind of mentality is that?

    I hope, after the election, we will finally place a leader who is worthy to run the country. God bless, Pilipinas!

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