I will not vote (again)?

Here we go again. This was a problem last 2007, and it seems it is a problem again. The Comelec must have some beef against me.

Last 2007, I was afraid I won’t be able to vote, because the Comelec’s precint finder always returned negative when I searched for my precint. However, my hopes were raised when I tried searching for my brother’s precint (as we were both registered in the same barangay). And there it was. And yes, I was able to vote that year.

This year is a bit different. We had our election registration records transferred from Manila to Caloocan last September 2009 (my oldest brother was the only one who wasn’t able to transfer). Since this year will be the first time for us to vote in Caloocan, plus the fact that the Comelec had implemented clustering of precints, I am anxious to find out where our precint will be. Just like in 2007, Comelec’s Precint Finder via Web and SMS returned negative.

Just like back in 2007, I tried locating my brother’s precint. The Precint Finder returned positive, only that the results show the 2007 precint.

Yes, come May 10, I will be joining thousands of clueless people in looking for their names at voters lists posted outside the polling precints. And I am hoping that I am on that list; I am afraid to be disenfranchised.

So, don’t blame me if I am skeptical (if not distrustful) of this automated elections. The recent actions and decisions of Comelec do nothing to lift this skepticism of mine.

4 thoughts on “I will not vote (again)?

  1. I have no records on the precint finder too. 🙁 I registered last October with my sister. But, her records are already on the precint finder thing.

  2. Don’t lose hope! The fact that the precint finder returns positive for her means you might be on the same precint as well!

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