About The BLIPS Network

This is my blog.

The BLIPS Network presents commentary, reviews, and pictures on arts, culture, current events, food, life, movies, music, politics, society, and technology. As a magazine-style blog, The BLIPS Network will most likely appeal to everyone interested in the the following major sections: technology, lifestyle (arts, culture, food, movies, music), current events (politics, society), and pictures.

Formerly known as AWBHoldings.com, The BLIPS Network presents content in a magazine-like format, so that posts appear according to their sections. This segregation will make it easier for readers to look for what they want to read, separating posts that they won’t likely read. Each section has its own RSS feed so that readers can subscribe to posts that they like most.

About the Blogger

Arbet Bernardo has been blogging since 2002, dealing mostly with things personal, straying into political discourse in some odd days. AWBHoldings.com was launched in 2005, using WordPress, and his thoughts segregated into several blogs. His political rants must have made sense, hence he was a finalist at the News and Media category of 2007 Philippine Blog Awards. He also posts pictures at Filipino Voices.

A technical writer by profession, he has a Computer Science degree tucked in his belt. A Chinese-Filipino, he enjoys bumming around if he is not reading anything, watching anything, or eating anything.

About the Sections

The BLIPS Network has the following sections.

1. Byte – This is the technology section of the site. Here, news and reviews regarding digital cameras, cellphones, and software are posted. Opinion regarding the use of technology also falls in this section.

2. Life – Obviously the lifestyle section of the site. This section covers a wide variety of topics – from food to movies. Expect

3. Ink – The heavy stuff are here. Political and social commentary, advocacy, governance monitoring – these topics are posted in this section. The BLIPS Network will try to present topics that will grab reader’s interest in an easy-to-understand way.

4. Pixel – They say humans are visual beings. An image can present a gamut of emotions and information in an 800×600-pixel resolution. Most of the pictures posted in this section are taken using Olympus E-420 DSLR a Nikon D90, a Sony NEX C3, a Google Nexus 5, a Nokia Lumia 1020, and an LG G3 camera.

5. Arbet.LOG – This is the personal blog of Arbet Bernardo.

6. Sound – Podcasts. As of now, posts on music videos, more on JPop.

7. The Food Blog for Hungry Bachelors – This section archives past entries.


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