gOS/Ubuntu laptops heat up considerably?

One major observation that I can share about gOS/Ubuntu over MSI VR320 K2 is that the laptop generates more heat as compared over the same machine running Windows XP. Sure, under WinXP, it heats up, too, but for laidback use like Web browsing and music, the heat is minimal. It only heats up that much when playing WarCraft III.

However, whenever I use gOS/Ubuntu for Web browsing and music, the heat is more considerable. I am using gOS’ Enlightenment desktop as a matter of preference, so it should not be using the advanced graphics effects of Ubuntu (though I am not sure).

Has anyone experienced the same on Ubuntu-powered portables?

5 thoughts on “gOS/Ubuntu laptops heat up considerably?

  1. countdown to battery aging starts NOW! It’s common knowledge that *-nix generally is inferior to the NT line when it comes to power management. Somebody nudge Apple and release their OSX’s power management kernel extensions to open source. They really oughtta be paying back the community big time

  2. you might try this

    sudo gedit /etc/modules

    append the folowing the the last of the files


  3. I have the same issue. For now, I’ve turned off all indexing, power management and cron/at/anacron services. The laptop heats considerably lesser. But power management still sucks compared to XP.

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