WordCamp Philippines 2008: Status Report

7 September 2008

To: Head of Logistics

Subject: Volunteer’s Status Report


Arrived at De la Salle College of Saint Benilde‘s Augusto-Rosario Gonzalez Theatre 30 minutes behind schedule. The Head was not pleased. Started by helping out with the badges. Assigned to handle the sponsors’ badges at first, but was reassigned to the food instead. The Head was in charge of THE BADGE TO RULE THEM ALL.

Then the people started streaming in, and I saw myself holding a bar code scanner and scanning camper badges. Don’t ask me how that happened. I had to leave the sponsor badges to Rein. Afterwards, it was all a blur, until THE ONE came in. The Head shouted for volunteers to buy bottled water for THE ONE. The Head insisted that she gets to give the bottled water to THE ONE. But fate, and myriad issues along the way, intervened.

The Head of All Heads bellowed for bottled water to be delivered to THE ONE. But The Head was attending to another pressing matter, and so it was left to me to deliver the bottled water to THE ONE. And what an experience that was – to meet THE ONE face to face; THE ONE who created the blogging platform that I am using right now. I just hope now that I did not babble something stupid that time.

I wasn’t able to sit into any of the breakaway sessions. Was too busy with myriad details, like tending to lost sheeppointing campers to rooms and other menial tasks. Then we had to decide on how to distribute food from Chowking. I trust that the campers liked the arrangement. And the food. And the dessert provided by Spot.PH. Too bad drinks were not provided for. Kudos to the food gang – Fitz, Gwen, Jonel, and CSB student volunteers.

I made sure that I get to attend THE ONE’s State of the Word keynote. After lunch, I got to stay at one of the doors leading to the theater. While prizes were being raffled off, THE ONE went out and got into the VIP room. Looking for something, he approached me for some bottled water. I mumbled that I would hand him a bottle or two, and he said thanks. Gave him two bottles, but he got to drink just one, methinks.

Many are amazed by version 2.7 of WordPress. I find the user interface quite cool, though I have no beef against the current (and the previous) interface. One-click upgrade and plugin install? Count me in. Web hosts won’t be happy, though (security issues and all).

Then we planned on how to distribute the kits. I hope it went well. Kudos to the CSB student volunteers at the lobby for a good job.

After the Q-and-A with THE ONE, the campers just went nuts. Flashes from cameras left and right. That’s how the campers appreciate THE ONE’s work. Well, not only did I have a picture taken with him (thanks, Markku), I had his autograph. How shameless of me.

Seriously, WordPress has revolutionized blogging. If not for WordPress, I would still be blogging at LiveJournal. It is a useful, nifty software, and it’s beauty is in it’s openness. It is easily customizable and extensible, that it can fit any requirements. It led to some sort of blogging revolution here in the Philippines.

I had to skip the after-party due to fatigue, and the fact that I have been lacking in sleep for weeks now.

I can say that WordCamp Philippines is a BIG,HUGE, HUMONGUOUS success! Congratulations to the organizers for such a successful event! Congratulations to all the volunteers, the cogs in the wheel; cogs, maybe, but the wheels won’t turn without them.

I am attaching as appendices the reports made by campers and other volunteers.

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