I don’t think I’ll be eating in places BachelorFoodBlogger MLQ3 eats soon: to be honest, I have lost all sense of what qualifies for “food” these days. Here are good examples of non-food I eat on a daily basis:

  • Stuff from McDonald’s;
  • Intriguing stuff passed off as dim sum at the a’la carte “flea market” behind St. Francis Square;
  • Ingestables from the office pantry;
  • Whatever I fancy at a Happy Balls or Waffle Time at an MRT station;
  • Cigarettes (yes, it’s food if it fills your stomach).

I can pass myself off as an alcoholic. A few weeks ago during a team gathering activity at Metrowalk (read: drinking session), I ended up making “absinthe” out of a cold glass of San Miguel Super Dry and a blue Vodka Cruiser. Tasted pretty damn good. Add to that a dozen more bottles of beer and some hard cocktails, and you have a recipe for disaster. Drunk? Like heck I was: I actually asked the taxi driver to stop somewhere near Vasra on my way home just so that I could vomit.

Shows you what kind of a “food blogger” – and a person – I am.

* * *

When you need to get work done, there’s always caffeine. I’m a Baguio boy, so I should be extremely familiar with hot coffee. The only problem is that when you live in a place as hot as Manila, you want everything with ice in it. So I ended up making the old reliable Wake-Up Juice back in the days of my thesis. It’s so easy to make, too:

  • A can of Coke. Regular, not Light, not Coke Zero, and definitely not Pepsi.
  • A pack of C4 Energy Powder Drink. Twice the caffeine. Tastes like cola.

Procedure: mix together in a glass or tumbler. Quaff.

Any general-practice physician, gastroenterologist, or psychiatrist will tell you that this is 330 milliliters and four grams of caffeinated, carbonated suicide. Which is the whole point.

Corporate emo at its finest.

One thought on “Waker-Upper

  1. Here are good examples of non-food I eat on a daily basis:…
    Cigarettes (yes, it’s food if it fills your stomach).

    That’s a contradiction. LOL. Kidding.

    Can you try doing a recipe post about your Wake-Up Juice? With pics, please? =P

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