Nokia Download! apps not really free

When you try the Nokia Download! service using your Nokia 5800, you will be shown folders where you can find apps and ring tones and graphics. So I was curious enough to check the Apps folder, and whoah! Several applications, all marked as free!

So I tried downloading IM+ (which led me to that expired certificate error last night) earlier via Smart 3G (Smart’s HSDPA at Makati is good). Too bad it’s not really free.

After downloading, the phone began installing the app, then I was prompted to select what license to PURCHASE. Yes, you have to purchase a license to use the app. Yes, it is free to download. No, it is not free to use.

Nokia Download! ain’t Apple App Store. Try harder, Nokia.

And no, Nokia Download Store is not available here in the Philippines. Yet.

One thought on “Nokia Download! apps not really free

  1. I’ve got same prob jst now in Nokia 5800. I downloaded IM+ frm Nokia (Vodafone UK) online n it was saying that its free. but not at all. It was working gud for last two weeks and now asking for money to use this software. £18.99 to use this IM+.

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