Just another telco rant

So, yesterday, been ranting that Smart’s offering a better but limited only data plan would only hurt loyal customers who are locked in on a clearly inferior plan and with mediocre handset. Posted the said comment on Smart’s Facebook status only to see it taken down, then they reposted the same status. A friend was gracious enough to repost my comment haha. Never bothered checking on that status again.

Now let’s turn to Globe. So I went to their SM North EDSA branch last Friday night only to find out that there were 38 people in the queue, before me. Decided it was not worth the wait, got Gong Cha instead and went home.

I tried their Web chat last Friday as well, but never got connected with any agent. I was redirected instead to a Web form. I filled that up then got an email stating that they’d reply within 24 hours.

It is now a Sunday. They haven’t gotten back to me.

Well, why not call them up, you say. A friend posted on Plurk that she was on hold on ONE HOUR. Well.

Today, a telco is conducting an online marketing campaign. No amount of videos, celebrity endorsements, and hyperboles will ever replace good customer service as good marketing practice.