Moving on

I have been thinking about the future, and with the global economy looking very bleak, I think it is time for me to make this decision.

You see, I work for a company who depends on foreign clients. And with the recession in full swing, clients are hard to come by, and current clients are cutting back on costs. And as man growing older, I really need to take stock of the situation and prepare for the future. In short, I need certainty. And I can’t find it here.

However, there is a pending invitation for some time now. I had evaded and turned down this invitation on a matter of principle. But I had to rethink things, because, let’s face it, principle can’t feed a family. People who stuck with their principles are harangued, harassed, intimidated, and snuffed out if necessary. With the future in mind, I think the sticking to one’s principle is foolish and stupid.

This has been a secret for a time. Not even my family knows this pending invitation. And with a heavy heart, I have to announce the following decisions:

* I quit blogging for myself and for Filipino Voices.
* I quit from this day job.
* I take an oath of allegiance.
* I join as an executive assistant at the Office of the Deputy Presidential Spokesman. I will be working with Lorelei Fajardo.

My thanks for everyone who have joined me in this journey – to friends who now become my enemies. I hope that even if I work on and for the other side now, we shall remain civil with each other. I hope to join future Plurkfiestas again.

My thanks to the 1 or 2 regular readers of this blog – thanks for the comments. I hope that even if I eat all my words and work for a previously-designated-as-enemy, you will not see this decision as a betrayal of your trust.

With that, I leave the blogging world. This will serve as the last blog post. I know I had just launched this new site, and I know now that it is a foolish decision. But that’s life, and I move on. I suggest you move on, too.

PS: Here is my first press release.

EDIT: And so, the fallout has begun.