Let It Be on violin and cello

Wow. Let It Be never sounded so cool. I like this very much. I just find the shifting between the two awkward. But yeah.


What voice!

Got teary-eyed while watching this video. I wonder if it was because of his story, or because of his voice.

UPDATE: I first saw this video over YouTube last Wednesday via Facebook. Back then, the video had a view count of more than 300k. Today, June 9, 2011, the view count was almost 2.5m! Wow.

Been thinking of this video. If you liked it, and caused you to shed a tear or so, what do you think is the reason it made you cry or teary-eyed? Was it because of his story? Or his voice? Or both? Yesterday, I was thinking, what if I just heard his voice but never knew of his background. Would the effect still the same? And what if there was no subtitles in the video? What do you think?

Ok, on the “technical” side of things: I saw several videos over YouTube of people singing the same song. I saw the Paul Potts version, the Russel Watson video, another version by another Korean, and someone by a student. The first two being products of the same genre (TV reality talent show), these two versions are of interest. For some reasons, I find the two inferior; their versions lacked depth, as if their voices were too hollow, too weak. Sung Bong Choi is better, frankly.

(I did saw Il Divo’s version – I excluded them because I couldn’t bear it. Their version’s not too good.)