A very brief hands-on with Samsung Omnia HD

Thanks to Jayvee Fernandez, I got a very brief hands-on with the Samsung Omnia HD (which Samsung will release in some markets as i8910 HD). It shares the same OS as that of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The one that I held was not the final product, and it showed. The response to the touch input was sluggish.

The screen, however, was a big wow. The AMOLED screen was a joy to look at. The image above (sorry, I used an Olympus E-420 DSLR in taking that picture – you don’t take a picture using a DSLR one-handed) does not do justice to the impressive screen.

If you have used a Nokia 5800, the interface of this Samsung phone is the same. For the home screen, Samsung plastered its TouchWiz UI, so that you can add widgets to your home screen. Also, to go to the main menu, you can slide the home screen to the left.

I tried composing a text message using the fullscreen QWERTY input, and the characters have small spaces in between, unlike in Nokia 5800. The text entry experience is the same, though. At least there was no lag.

The unit is definitely larger and wider than Nokia 5800, but thinner. It was nice in the hands, not too heavy, and the built is solid (no creaking parts).

I think this is a nice phone, and I am sure it will be priced at the Php40k-upwards range when it is released here.

(Some more pictures here.)


Enjoy superior picture quality and the latest technology: BD-P1500

Enjoy the amazing world of Blu-ray with Samsung

Everything about it whispers gently of elegance, from its sleek, sophisticated style and beautiful black design theme, to its state of the art, groundbreaking technology. Once again Samsung’s innovative development of leading next generation technology ensures that the world’s most exceptional visual clarity and richest sound quality are delivered, allowing the deepest range of emotions to be embraced, experienced, and enjoyed. Enjoy the very best that the 21st century has to offer; premium, precision technology and timeless style.

Full HD 1080p images of perfection

With the BD-P1500, Samsung have created a powerful Blu-ray player that delivers the highest quality images imaginable. With Full HD 1080p, the most inspirational home viewing experience is made available. 1080p/24Hz video out signaling mirrors that of the Blu-ray disc‘s original content, delivering picture perfect images. The BD-P1500 even up-scales conventional DVD content to 1080p through the single cable HDMI 1.3 interface; noticeably enhancing the picture quality of the DVD movie so that it appears more detailed, more vivid, and more real. By performing at a level that outperforms theater quality, the BD-P1500 unlocks a deeper range of emotions, and delivers the most richly rewarding viewing ever to be experienced.

Theater quality sound in your home

Samsung are known for their innovative development and use of leading technologies to further their explorations in AV excellence. With the BD-P1500, every effort has been made to make the consumers’ experience as inspirational as possible. The desire to create a sonic environment which rivals, or surpasses the theater has led to the creation of the most vivid, rich, and deeply emotional sound environment. Supporting Dolby Digital+, Dolby True HD, and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio decoding, superlative sound are made available. The most powerful surround sound environment will leave a more lasting impact upon the listener, allowing for a truer sense of interactive entertainment.

Premium style, precision design

Samsung are synonymous with sophisticated, superior product design. Their use of high glossy black design with soft blue lighting has seen Samsung establish themselves as a design innovator over the past 2 years. With a soft minimal design, organic curves, and elegance, the BD-P1500 continues this legacy. Its contemporary black design theme is an irresistible statement of excellence, passion, and precision that enhances each and every aspect of a home or lifestyle. Sensuously simple, yet premium, the BD-P1500 offers design matching that helps create the ultimate modern living room environment.

Anynet+, Ethernet, and backwards compatibility: complete comfort

For the lifestyle that is always on the go, Samsung appreciate the importance of leisure time. In order to facilitate maximum relaxation and unsurpassed comfort, the BD-P1500 is packed with convenient functions. Samsung’s own Anynet + technology allows the Blu-ray player to be connected to all Samsung AV products, enabling one remote control device to control the entire home entertainment environment. A new level of comfort, control, and convenience is born, leaving more time to appreciate the finer points of relaxation. Easy upgrade options are made available via the Ethernet port. This innovative facility enables new firmware to be downloaded, ensuring the very best in entertainment. While the BD-P1500 is at the forefront of Blu-ray technology, it is also fully backwards compatible, meaning that old favorites can be enjoyed time and time again. DVD and CD playback is enhanced to near HD quality; enjoy the past, experience the present, and embrace the future.

Enjoy the ultimate home theater environment

Take the step into the future of digital entertainment with Samsung. BD-P1450 is a revolutionary BD player with the most advanced, consumer driven features currently available. Experience a new world of wonder, a world in which digital dreams become digital delight. With unsurpassed image and sound, movies become more than mere entertainment; they become as lifelike and real as you could ever imagine. Share the delight with family and friends; the crisp clarity of sound, the perfect image integrity, the total immersion in a phenomenal home theater experience.

>>1080p Full HD
>>HDMI version 1.3
>>BD/DVD/CD Playback >>Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)
>>DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, Dolby True HD, Bitstream out support
>>Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital+, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio decoding
>>Ethernet for Firmware Upgrade

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