The Chacha Choochoo Diversion?

Most analysts and bloggers now think that the current issues on people’s initiative and Charter change are just diversions. To divert what?

Based on the timeline given by Jose de Venecia, the Parliament should be in place by July this year. So what? By that month, the one-year ban on Gloria Arroyo impeachment ends, so her opponents can file another impeachment case.

DJB calls the people’s initiative as a desperate move on JDV’s part, since 50 congressmen had already signed a resolution saying that a Constituent Assembly can only be called by the Senate and the House separately, dashing the hopes of JDV for a ConAss. Atty-at-Work and Hillblogger both agree on DJB’s assertion. Atty-at-Work also believes that the Supreme Court will not overturn Defensor-Santiago v. Comelec.

MLQ3 has a different opinion, saying that the Chacha plan is almost perfect and achievable.

I tend to agree with MLQ3. Fifty signatures are not etched in stone; knowing our congressmen, their minds can change anytime, depending on the method of persuasion used. And the SC is an unknown quantity. With too many constitutional issues at its hands (EO464, 1017, CPR), many wonder why is it taking them so long to decide on these issues. The decisions on these cases can be a good gauge on how it would decide if ever a petition to overturn Defensor-Santiago v. Comelec is filed.

I guess it is indeed a diversion, a diversion that is a win-win for Gloria Arroyo. I think Gloria Arroyo would go for it, since it would bury the impending impeachment, what with the almost-amnesiac Filipinos forgetting every thing. So I agree with Hillblogger: let us refocus the issues to what needs to be addressed.