What gives, Noli?

Is Noli de Castro beginning to distance himself from Gloria Arroyo? Or is it another good-cop, bad-cop routine on the part of the Fortress by the Pasig?

In the past few days, de Castro issued several statements, one of which called for the lifting of Proclamation 1017. Then, he asked Arroyo to face the Hello Garci issue squarely, which was rejected by Minister of Propaganda Ignacio Bunye.

Has he realized that Arroyo is showing her true colors to him? Or he is acting in behalf of his political backers? Or is he a Trojan horse all along?

2 thoughts on “What gives, Noli?

  1. same questions ive been asking in my mind? and i dont have the answer. i mean philippine politics has just gone crazy i stopped figuring its ins and outs. ha ha

  2. The more so we should be troubled. i think they are really trying to confuse us to bury the issues, so to speak. a smokescreen, if you will. Anyway, de Castro clarified that Arroyo CAN face the music, he did not say that she MUST face them. That guy has no balls at all!

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