(Edited version)

A proud owner of a Canon A620, a lover of the arts, a budding photographer – don’t be fooled by Kat‘s cool demeanor. She has an incisive and inquisitive mind, asks a lot of questions, and wants to know the reason why this is this and that is that. Now a shift lead herself, the shift where she is now leads in the number of virus report rejections due to her formidable analytical skill.

Spiritual, enthusiastic passionate, creative – Jovi probably will be proclaimed a martyr soon enough, for her dedication to the job, most of the time even beyond the call of duty. Her love of writing and of anything Japanese drives her to excel in whatever she does, which is not a bad thing. Too bad not everyone sees that.

Emotional, short-tempered, boring, snobbish – that’s Arbet for you. Shift lead for just a month and a half, he has managed to capture his shiftmates’ love and respect. Blame it all on his being trustworthy, honest, and idealistic. Arbet enjoys playing PS2 on his spare time, and likes to pour his heart out on his personal blog.

Sadly, July, which have been fun-filled and very memorable, is their last shift together as Arbet will be moving on to another place.

This piece is dedicated to my very first shiftmates, who had moved on – Jan,
Dione, and Glenn. And to Jovi, too.