PayPal intros Secure Card

PayPal introduces another service that aims to solve several problems at one stroke.

Called Secure Card, it is a browser plugin that allows a PayPal user to pay for an item from a Web site that does not accept PayPal. It also helps in filling up payment forms. It also has anti-fraud features to warn users if they are browsing known fraudulent sites.

Probably the most important feature is the Secure Card. Secure Card allows PayPal users and potential PayPal users who don’t own a credit card to make orders online. Using the plugin, a random Mastercard credit card number will be generated, which can be used for that transaction. You will be also prompted by the plugin to Autofill forms at appropriate places, making the checkout experience faster than the usual.

The plugin works for Windows users with Internet Explorer or Firefox installed.

Here are some screenshots of the PayPal plugin at work.

After installation, this screen appears. The plugin icon appears at the address bar.

You are then prompted to select an image for security purposes, just like Yahoo’s anti-phishing mechanism. You can’t use your own photo, though.

You are asked for your PayPal login credentials.

Here is the drop-down menu when the plugin icon is clicked.

When the plugin detects that you are about to enter shipping details, it asks if you want the plugin to autofill the form.