A tale of two losers

Such losers.


After Sen. Manuel Roxas II’s election as president of the Liberal Party, here comes the Arroyo saboteur Lito Atienza crying his heart out. He even has this to say:

Congratulations, Sen. Roxas, at your installation as president of the Liberal Party faction led by Frank Drilon and his merry cabal of destabilizers. We were hoping we would be congratulating Mar as our president, the head of a newly-united Liberal Party, but it seems the worst fears of our group became reality after all.

He then ranted on about LP being finally divided, etc.

Mr. Atienza: who caused the division of the party? Who went on to have a rump, unofficial, illegal party elections? Who tried to sabotage the party by subverting it to Gloria Arroyo’s regime?

Sure, go ahead and sue. Let’s see who the true losers are. (Yeah, the fact that you have the environment portfolio speaks for itself.)

Let’s have a wimp for another poor loser.

Speaker Jose de Venecia is in the hot seat for the past two months. His troubles began when his son, Jose de Venecia III, began his exposes against the National Broadband Network project (in the process, Comelec chair Benjamin Abalos Sr. was forced to resign, faced with imminent impeachment). To test his loyalty, de Venecia faced two crucial questions.

First, Atty. Roel “Palyado” Pulido filed an ethics case against de Venecia, at the height of the younger de Venecia’s exposes. Then, he filed a three-page impeachment complaint against Gloria Arroyo. It seems that the gameplay was simple: have the impeachment complaint dismissed or else.

JDV tried to be cute for all when he asked Representative Raul del Mar to transmit the complaint to the House Justice committee, in a way giving the Fortress by the Pasig a scare. Well, the dogs were compliant: committee killed the complaint. Then, the plenary buried it.

JDV should be in the clear now, right? Wrong. That’s how vindictive this regime is.

Not only is the ethics complaint festering at his back, the Office of the Solicitor General is reviewing a compromise agreement made by a company owned by JDV and the Presidential Commission on Good Goverment in 1988. Of course, the Solicitor General immediately claimed that this is not politically motivated. The deal was made in 1988. Great timing, madam solicitor.

(I am not even dealing with the Northrail project.)

And de Venecia? Ever the martyr, cries foul, says that the Supreme Court has already ruled on the case with finality. His lawyer, Singaw ng Bayan sycophant Raul Lambino branded the move as political harassment.

My grandmother used to say: do not deal with the devil. (To counterbalance that for atheists: do not deal with cheats.) So there.

Who’s the loser from all of this? All of us. At the end of the day, it is us who are screwed.

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