Diving into mud

Our government officials are really funny.

Mariannet Amper’s case must have strucked a raw nerve. Too much mud thrown on several faces, police are now searching for reasons why a 12-year old killed herself. For some people, killing yourself just because you are poor is kind of illogical, unreasonable, and not enough a reason to kill oneself. I will not dispute some people’s assertion about the reason that led to the suicide. I will not even speculate on the reasons why. The kid is dead.

With mud in their faces, specially Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the police has exhumed the girl’s body for autopsy. Not content with mud, they dived directly into the mud.

Why? Suicide is a police matter. They should have investigated it as a case, they should have the body autopsied before allowing it to be buried. The fact that the police did not speaks loudly of what kind of police force we have. As if they are telling us that they are having an investigation as an afterthought, to dispute the poverty-as-reason angle.

While the initial post-burial investigation showed that it was possible that the child was molested, it does not dispute the facts in the child’s diary. Unless, of course, the diary’s a forgery. I will not be surprised if the police tackles THAT angle next.

There are lots of reasons why a person commits suicide. Heck, you can’t even compute the combination of reasons. But the most common denominator among suicide cases is that the person was depressed. Poverty can make someone depressed, trust me. And if the kid was molested….