Gloria Buries EDSA People Power

With the apathy that most of us displayed when the 21st anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution passed by, Gloria Arroyo had fittingly buried the EDSA phenomenon by calling on Filipinos to forsake another EDSA.

Fittingly, for she had hijacked that phenomenon in 2001 to meet her own goals. And with the people badly burned by the experience, she played with that apathy with skill so that EDSA will not be used against her.

The shot that started it all began in 2001. The final blow happened last year, when all possible EDSA moments were trashed by Proclamation 1017 and the calibrated preemptive response. The statement made by Arroyo yesterday was the burial eulogy.

And the fact that only a thin crowd was there to witness the burial ceremony was a sign that its death is already fait accompli. Afterall, the people are rather busy attending to more important things – the Kris Aquino-James Yap-Hope Centeno story and the start of Pinoy Big Brother, to name a few.