I Will Not Vote This May 14 (UPDATED)

Because I cannot vote – apparently.

Remember when Comelec had announced that it had purged around a million names in the Voter’s List? When I had read the news, I felt cold. I had feared that my name was stricken off.

Apparently, my fear is not unfounded.

Comelec has an online precint finder. So I entered the needed information:

Click image to view.

Here’s what I got:

Click image to view.

The irony is not lost to me. Here I am, convincing others to vote on Monday; here I am, not in the Comelec’s list of voters.

I know this is not final. Maybe there’s something wrong with the database (one friend also tried it and she got the same “not found” message; we both voted last 2004). I wish I had another way of checking (sent two SMS to ComelecTXT, no replies). I’ll know for sure on Monday.

Try for yourself and see if you find your precint. Let me know the results.

UPDATE (5/10/07):

Using that same Comelec Web form, I tried searching for my older brother’s precint (we always voted on the same precint), and voila, there’s an entry. Did that to my other two brothers, all returned positive. So there’s still a chance that I will get to vote.

21 thoughts on “I Will Not Vote This May 14 (UPDATED)

  1. Josh, that is not funny he he.

    Benj, it is a nation-wide database. But I am not in the database. Therefore, I’m not in the Philippines? (I am laughing at my ridiculous logic.)

  2. I find it funny that you mentioned the word ALIEN. LOL. I am half Chinese, after all.

    And China being more militarily advanced, Chinese can pwn Pinoys in a jiffy he he.

    Wait a minute! Since I am half Chinese, do I have to slug it out with my two sides? LOL!

  3. Tell me where your chinese side is and I’ll shoot it. Don’t worry, I’ll let the pinoy side live. hahahaha.

    Nikki sa Senado! Subsidized TV ads for 2010! lololol

  4. Arbet…we’re booth half Chinese but i wont vote Nikki.
    Sana naman ang manalo, Taong Bayan na!

  5. ooops…”both”…for one, there is an old-timer in the TUTA team who are users..they are using their chinese friends for their so-called advocacy. sad to say, some of those belonging to the chinese community are merely followers..why? for fear of their lives…

  6. Hi, Mam Soleil, I wish I know who these “users” are. Maybe you can send me the names via email?

    And sana nga, tayo na manalo, he he.

  7. hehehe…there u go Arbet…Schumey knows hindi magiging magara ang buhay pagka user ang uupo…

  8. ang mahilig magbomtarat-tarat ganun din. kc esmi nya is w/chinese blood (chinese pa nga ang surname!)…
    sorry to say that some of our kabayans in chinatown are also ‘unscrupulous”..thus, they are used!

  9. i’m not in the online list either, wtf. oh well. i have work scheduled at 7am-4pm on May 14, and it’s too late to make arrangements now. sigh. oh well

  10. Hi, Mam Soleil, some Chinese are greedy, hence they are unscrupulous.

    Hi, Jeff, the online precint finder might be wrong, so checking at election day at the precint might be crucial. Unfortunately you have work. Oh well.

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