Making a donkey out of oneself

The real reason why I have decided to blog out-of-cycle is this news.

When I arrived home last night, my brother informed me that Team Unity seeks to have the votes in some cities and towns (including several cities and towns in Metro Manila) recanvassed. And earlier today I saw the report on TV, with Tonypet Albano, the eager-to-go-to-war senatorial candidate Miguel Zubiri, and Reli German in a press conference.

All I can say is this: Tonypet Albano is Rabadash the Ridiculous of the Philippines; he is making a donkey out of himself.

This statement from the news report states it all: Albano said a retabulation of CoCs would further delay the proclamation of winners.

Let’s dissect his ridiculous statements:

* “We’re just doing to them what they are doing to us. They are questioning how we swept Maguindanao. So we will also question them how they swept us in their bailiwicks like Makati and General Santos City.” Heck, Mr. Albano, the opposition has questioned the sweep in Maguindanao a week ago, when the “canvassing” in that province was “completed”. But you and your team, Mr. Albano, why now, only now, when the CoCs for these areas were already canvassed by Comelec? Unless, of course, the only goal is to delay the inevitable.

Besides, Namfrel has counted the votes in the areas Rabadash has mentioned, and there were no reported discrepancies.

* “If the Comelec granted the GO’s appeal, I don’t see why we should not be granted the same.” What appeal? The CoC in Maguindano was deferred because (1) Lintang Bedol failed to appear, and (2) the problems pointed out were too grave. The comment made by Bedol regarding allowing minors to vote does not help matters to your favor, Mr. Albano. Besides, even Namfrel has doubts about Maguindanao, so doubtful are the results that they have decided not to include Maguindanao in their quickcount. Again, the only obvious goal is to delay the impending victory of the opposition in the Senate race.

The petition for declaring a failure of elections in several cities and towns in Metro Manila is ridiculous. If Comelec grants the ridiculous petition, it should also declare a failure of elections in Maguindanao, in Lanao del Sur, in Davao. We might as well call for another, nationwide elections. That’s how ridiculous Albano is.

To anwer MLQ3‘s question, it is a delaying tactic. Maybe they are not yet finished tinkering down south.

4 thoughts on “Making a donkey out of oneself

  1. that’s the latest political spin from the administration. their incredible claim that the opposition cheated is contrary to ordinary human experience. they only cried foul now, several weeks after the conduct of the elections.

    by the way arbet, i’ve transferred to a new blogsite at hope you link my new blog (with same old posts) to your site. ty.

  2. Hi, Atty. Erwin, done.

    Hi, Schumey. To be honest, I censored myself quite well on this post. The original title was Albano the Ridiculous, and every instance of Mr. Albano were originally Mr. Rabadash.

    Even if sanitized, the ridiculousness of Albano’s comments were apparent, no?

  3. Glad i found this site!


    Well the truth kawawa anak nia naiwan pinutol na financial support galing kaila albano. Mga ari arian nia pinamigay ni Rodito at Tony Pet kung saan saan kung kaninong ganid din (Bahy Kotse etc!) mga gamit sa kamalig inangkin na nila TONYPET and cronies NA NATURALLY MAS MAYABANG AT GANID SA KANILA
    Kahit mga inutang na properties d na binalik sa tunay na may ari (D PA NATAPOS BAYARAN NI JOJO A. They also gave threat to small people! dahil malakas sila at may connectiona

    Ngayon makapangyarihan kyo tom God will give justice. His death just gave balance.
    Dati inaapi nILA RODITO c Jojo dhil anak sia sa labas HALF BROTHER NI TONYPET AT RODITO nung mkita nion magagamit sia para mkuha ang BOTO NG ISABELA masa …ngayon wala pkinabng pinabayaan nILA ANG KANIANG NAIWANG PAMILYA kawawa twins at emem ngayon .
    tsk3x Pilipino POLITICIANS nga naman
    (RODITO TONYPET) Theyre not good people naman karma lang yan!ganid political dynasty lets see how they do in the upcoming elections the people love JOJO ALBANO not his psuedo half family! RIP JOJO

    Glad to know that as high and mighty as he think THAT TONYPET suites his PETname WIMPY

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