Two murders

Two murders were committed at the Batasang Pambansa in a span of less than 24 hours.

Last night, an explosion at the South Wing lobby of the Batasan killed Basilan Representative Wahab Akbar, and a driver of another congresswoman, who was herself injured. Another congressman was injured from the blast. Police believes this was an assassination and not a terrorist attack.

(Nope, contrary to the police line, I thought the blast was caused by the collective fart of congressmen who received Php 200,000 a month ago at the Fortress.)

To be honest, Akbar is not a great loss to the country, being a political overlord of his province (two of his wives are elected officials of Basilan, too), and is rumored to be connected with the Abu Sayaff. Heck, he had his Louis XIV moment, boldly saying “I am Basilan.” Read Wahab Akbar’s profile by Newsbreak.

The morning after, the House Committee on Justice offered a moment of silence for Akbar. That’s the official line, of course. The real reason is that they were to commit another murder that day: the murder of the palyadong Pulido impeachment complaint. Which they did with gusto, with murderers’ grins, without much semblance of conscience amongst the dogs of the Justice Committee. Their amo at the Fortress was very pleased, of course.

End of story.

You know, some people are being stupid. Some people are blaming the opposition with the murder of the palyadong Pulido impeachment complaint, saying that the opposition was caught “natutulog sa kangkungan.”

Maybe there is really a problem with our knowledge of politics, history, and governance.

The impeachment attempts last 2005 and 2006 should have been instructive. Politicians have shown that impeachment, a process defined in the Philippine Constitution, can be reduced into a numbers game. So if you want to impeach Gloria Arroyo, you should have elected an opposition House.

But, no. Confused as we are with what we want to happen with our lives, we gave the Senate to the mongrel opposition, and the House to the dogs of the Arroyo regime. What confused message have we delivered through that 2007 elections?

The opposition of the 14th Congress knew by July of 2007 that impeaching Gloria Arroyo is as remote as the Second Coming happening at this very moment. So when the palyadong Pulido impeachment complaint was filed, even I was surprised by such foolishness. (Well, yeah, no wonder the Magdalos dropped him as their lawyer.) I cannot blame others if they think Pulido is the new Oliver Lozano.

And now that the palyadong Pulido complaint is dead, some people have the gall to blame the opposition. Hello? Are you watching the news, or Kokey (alright, Zaido)?

5 thoughts on “Two murders

  1. Murder by numbers is what happened to the 2nd impeachment complaint.

    This one was dead on arrival to quote Edcal Lagman on the 2nd impeachment.

    It’s apt that the ones chosen to deliver the eulogies were Marcoleta San Luis and Monica Puentavella, the representaive from Mike Arroyo’s lower intestine.

    I think there’s more to the bombing than simply an assassination. Those motorcycle riding assassins have been pretty efficient so far and there’s really no reason why someone who wanted Akbar killed would not have availed of their services.

    Why use a bomb when a bullet will suffice?

  2. Well, what Lagman refuses to admit is that they could have resuscitated it but they chose not to, and that is murder.

    As for the bomb, let’s ask Jack Ryan, Tom Clancy, and the entire CSI:USA.

    But when another bomb rips off somewhere in the metro, that changes the equation drastically.

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