Another weird dream, 7

I had another dream, and part of it means I have to forget politics for a while.

In that dream, there was a massive flood, and I was riding a rubber boat with some Magdalo soldiers. Don’t ask me how I knew, I just knew they were Magdalo soldiers. Then we were in front of a building, thankfully not flooded. It was a long dream, but I forgot the most of the details. Boy, am I getting old.

Then, I was involved in chasing down a murderer. I was called in because (1) I chased the murderer before and (2) it was a bus chase, which again I was involved in. Sort of like the Speed movies, only this time the 2nd one was another bus chase instead in a yacht. Anyway, the bus that the murderer commandeered was cornered by he got away. The last we saw him, he entered a house.

I got inside that house, and I saw a former student (for those who doesn’t know, I taught for almost 3 years at a local tech-voc school). Unfortunately for him, some witnesses who came with us pointed to him, which was surprising. This student has three very distinguishable birth marks on his face, and the murderer does not have them.

Upon searching the house, we found a set of disguises, and one of them matched that of the murderer. Case closed.

2 thoughts on “Another weird dream, 7

  1. wooah… that was a weird dream… good thing i don’t have birth marks on my face… like i was guilty?!? next time you have dream like that, hook me up with some autographs with the Magdalo group… just kidding… well it seems that your dream is very adventurous… just like you maybe?!? never afraid to try new things… aight?!?

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