The Single/Brokenhearted’s Valentines Day Survival Guide

1. If possible, take a leave of absence, stay at home, and watch war movies (avoid war-love story movies ala Pearl Harbor), or sleep the whole day. Avoid listening to the radio. Listen to Jpop (since you cannot understand Japanese) or novelty songs.
2. Go home early.
3. Do not talk with friends who are not single.
4. Avoid going to malls and other dating destinations.
5. Sleep (or pretend to sleep) at the FX, MRT/LRT, jeep, or bus to avoid seeing such sweet, PDA-ing couples. Bring a digital audio player; just make sure no sappy love song is loaded.
6. Do not even have dates with single friends, it will only emphasize that you are just that, single.
7. Pretend it is February 15 (payday!).
8. Do not watch the news and movies on cable. Watch WWE or NBA instead. Or violently-disturbing anime.
9. If you live in Manila, stay outside motels, note the people coming in, time their arrival, and point to police those who stayed short-time.
10. Petition your congressman to file a bill to outlaw Valentines Day, it being discriminatory.

Feel free to add more.

(I should have posted this yesterday.)

4 thoughts on “The Single/Brokenhearted’s Valentines Day Survival Guide

  1. Yep, there’s such an ordinance. I think it was passed during Fred Lim’s watch.

    As for its constitutionality, no one has bothered to raise this to the courts. Still a taboo for most people.

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