The Twitter Challenge

This is a note to self:

Twitter Challenge is simple: answering a question within a single twit (140 characters). The challenge is inherent in (1) the question for the day and (2) the 140-character limit. These constraints force a Twitterer to condense his answer. It is also a good mental exercise.

Of course, the challenge is open to all Twitterers. And the Twitterer can expand his/her reply through a blog post. Then, someone (possibly the one who issued the question) can collate the twit and/or blog post URLs and post them somewhere.

The main idea is not original (think blog carnivals). This challenge is just a variation – a twist, if you will.

Question can be posted via Twitter and/or a blog post.

Hosting the Twitter Challenge can be rotated.

Once a week or once a month?

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