Do Tempura and Razons mix?

So last Friday, the Bachelor Food bloggers Juned, MLQ3, and I went to Greenhills. As Juned was already at Greenhills, it was decided that we meet there to eat. While on the car, we passed by Razon’s Halo Halo. Remembering contrasting comments about Razon’s, so I blurted out that we should try their halo halo. And so we picked up Juned at Krispy Kreme, and on the car debated on where to eat. MLQ3 suggested a Japanese restaurant near Razon’s, so there we went.

The name of the restaurant is Tempura! (with an exclamation point). MLQ3 ordered a lot of appetizers, and because we were hungry, we attacked them before even taking a picture. Here’s two shots taken when I remembered I should take pictures:

I ordered Gyakiniku Ramen (I hope I remembered the name correctly), ramen with thin beef strips, some veggies, and half a boiled egg.

Nothing special about it. I don’t know if Juned and MLQ3 liked theirs.

The place is OK, though there were small flies (teeny weeny flies), too small to notice immediately.

After that, off to Razon’s. So we ordered halo halo (what else?).

All I can say is: heavenly. Too bad I was too full to enjoy it fully.

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