Jocjoc Bolante is back!

And he’s on video!

We happened to be along EDSA when the convoy carrying Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante passed by. So we joined the convoy up to St. Luke’s Medical Center. This 2-minute video was taken when the convoy was several hundred meters away from the hospital. At 1:40 mark you will see Bolante on stretcher.

8 thoughts on “Jocjoc Bolante is back!

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  3. If JocJoc was really gonna have an attack… where the hell is it!? Hey joc, stop acting and get some balls you dickhead! Just own up since you got caught already and stop squirming and start acting like the shit-faced asshole you once were! You’ll never know when you’ll need’em balls. Buwahaha!

    Of course, it’d be a lot better if you’d really make good with that heart condition… go ahead… get a stroke… pleeeze.

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