Lip service

For those who don’t know it yet, or for those who think they don’t know it yet, the Arroyo regime’s concept of transparency and good governance can be simplified by using the term “lip service.” When you hear any Arroyo factotum (or Gloria Arroyo herself) utter the words “transparency” or “good governance”, just substitute “lip service.”

For example, there are several vacancies in the Commission on Elections. The Fortress had already appointed someone whose reputation was suspect, and while there was a muted outrage, it burned the Fortress badly, and its intentions were already under suspicion. To rescue its already tattered reputation, it formed a search committee, composed of seemingly upright individuals. However, the search panel suffers from the same problem that the Arroyo regime has. Lip service=search committee.

Then, we have this nice episode of a convict (who happens to be the husband of a representative that is very close to Gloria) who is reportedly missing (though the representative says he’s not missing). Now, still reeling from the Jalosjos caper (also under investigation), the Fortress is now ordering an investigation on this issue. I can still remember the Mayuga report, the Feliciano report, and the Melo report, all unacted upon (and the Mayuga report unreleased to the public). Do you think something will come out of the said probe? Lip service=investigation.

And lastly: have you noticed the high-profile pardons that this regime is issuing? We have Erap last year. Then there was the botched Jalosjos caper. And now, SalvadorNorberto Manero (what’s with people named Norberto). For Jalosjos and Manero, too bad this ain’t the day. There’s nothing wrong with pardon. The problem is the kind of person being pardoned. That is not good governance. That is patronage. Good governance=lip service.

Transparency=lip service. Good governance=lip service. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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  2. Pucker up and kiss my ass, that’s what Gloria wants us to do. She did the same thing before. She had a short list for the Comelec then appointed someone not in the list, Macarambon. Reports are what they are, reports for Gloria’s eyes only so we are all clueless on what steps to take. As for the convicts, the best way is to create a vigilante group and do away with the criminals this administration has been releasing. The when GMA is finally out of office, a lynch mob should do the job.

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