Short, open letters

To Donald Dee:

There you go again, ranting against anything thrown against your amo, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. There you go again, raising that bogey called the economy.

To shut you up, here’s a deal: if all the members of your organization will unilaterally increase the minimum wage by Php 125, then I will shut up and join you in ranting against destabilizers. Deal?


To Sergio Apostol:

Wow. Your law school must be proud of you. Actually I agree with you. Let’s deport all of the Chinese people out of this country! Let’s include those Chinese who were already naturalized, and those who have Filipino blood. Let’s do that, and see your beloved amo’s economy crumble down. Suportahan ta ka!


To Joker Arroyo:

Pag bad ka, lagot ka, says your campaign slogan last 2007. I just wonder if you even understand that. Maybe your handlers should have translated that into English, so that you’d understand what that slogan meant, since it is clear you don’t.

Just a thought: maybe you really need to take a long, hard look at a mirror.


To Juan Ponce Enrile:

I know this regime is considering appointing your wife as ambassador to the Vatican. I am not suprised by the way you conduct yourself in the Senate. Heck, no one is surprised. We all know you serve to please. Not us, of course. That Vatican appointment, that is.


To Johnny and Joker:

What a sight you were! The two of you, seated together, working as a tag team! How time flies! Thirty years ago, you were opponents, obviously on opposite sides of the political fence. Now, look at you. As if history meant nothing.

No wonder this country is in deep sh*t.


4 thoughts on “Short, open letters

  1. He’s such a jerk of a joke, no? Those who voted for him must be kicking themselves in the butt nowadays. Unless they are pro-GMA, of course.

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