“The emperor is naked”

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I think I already have addressed this issue, but it will be good to revisit it now. I had discussed the futility of planning ahead without addressing the problems of the present. Now I want to tackle our propensity for looking for solutions.

Sure, everyone knows our problems, and some people take pleasure in pointing out these problems. Some people take pleasure in pointing out that these people can only point out problems and never propose solutions. There is nothing wrong in pointing out that the emperor has no clothes, and there’s no solution to the problem of the emperor’s delusion that he is wearing the best clothes in the empire. Well, there is, but it is most unpalatable to those people who take pleasure in calling the child a fool. Their solution would be to play along.

And that’s my beef.

It has become our pastime to point out the problems; it has become our pastime to point out that it has become our pastime to point out the problems without offering solutions; it has become our pastime to point out that it has become our pastime to point out the problems without offering solutions and yet offer solutions that really do not address the problems. Yes, it is tiring to read that past sentence, because it is a tiring cycle.

Take for example the Queen of the Enchanted Kingdom. She has been our problem for the past seven years. (Heck, some says she is not the problem, but we’ll leave that for another time.) What are the solutions being offered? Plan ahead. Correct the mistakes by plugging holes. Make sure that it will never happen again.

I have no problems with the offered solutions. It is good to take a long view and plan ahead. Unfortunately, the problem is the present. Most of the solutions being offered do not address the present, as if the present does not affect the future.

For example, most people are looking forward to 2010, and are planning ahead assuming that there will be elections in 2010, totally discounting the possibility that the current problem could derail the 2010 elections.

And forward planning assumes that the TRUE problem is known. The problem is that we can be so blind to the problem. So we think that a child who claims that the emperor is naked is the problem, not the emperor. So we deal with the education system, since it is producing people who see the emperor as naked. The solution stares us in the face, but we refuse to see.

The best way to move forward is to look at short-and long-term problems, and address them accordingly. Look at the real problems, and deal with them.

PS: The solution to the problem of the naked emperor is simple. Depose him, since he’s insane. But that would lead to instability, so the people would play along.

3 thoughts on ““The emperor is naked”

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  2. your post reminds me of a 90-year old lady (mother of a friend of mine) who is in a constant lookout for any and every potential “problem” and nags my friend to find a solution before it actually exist. my friend, who is always busy coping with real and present issues, frequently get sidetracked doing “something” to humor her and ease her mind.

    pundits, political or otherwise, thrive on what-might-be rather than what-is. that’s how they make a living – the more alarming, the more attention, ergo more money.

    year 2010 is the constitutional end of president arroyo’s term. what can be gainsaid by harping constantly on the speculation that she would hold on to power, trashing the constitution in the process?

  3. I do agree with what you said…but then again, what is your solution then? It’s easy to say we look for the solutions to address the REAL problem. Assuming for the sake of argument, you know the REAL problem, what is your solution then and next, how do you plan to go about rectifying the problem using your solution. Kung wala ka rin masabi, then you’re the same as the people you’re complaining about.

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