High blood

After the medical exam last Friday, I was distraught. For the first time, I have high blood pressure.
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I had a medical exam last February, and my blood pressure was 130/80. Last Friday, three different nurses took my BP each: 140/90, 150/90, and 150/80. I got a sermon from the doctor who made the physical examination (valid excuse for molestation he he), telling me to avoid oily, salty, sweet food – basically all of them. The doc wanted me to starve to death!

Anyway, I am distraught. After all, I have just started delving into food blogging, and then this.

What a one month hiatus can do to your health.

Tomorrow, I will be a Makati boy officially. That means more MRT woes, and double them (since I would be taking the MRT both ways now). As exercise, I promise to walk from the PBCOM Tower to the Ayala MRT Station.

Oh well, wish me luck.

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