I am a coward

I am such a coward.

I believe some bloggers were expecting fireworks at a previous event, but nothing of that sort happened. Why? Because I am a coward.

Honestly, I knew nothing would come out of it. If that person is worth his salt, all that person would say is “no comment.” Most probably that person’s lawyer has already sternly instructed that person to shut up. So yeah, it would be pretty useless.

Also, we have to use the word “alleged” when we refer to that person. And there’s the rub. We keep on attaching the “alleged” tag, when most likely that person is guilty. After all, that person tried to derail administrative proceedings, right? After all, that person refused to cooperate with the authorities, right? If that person is not guilty, shouldn’t that person exert all effort to clear his/her name?

All things being said, I am still a coward.