My hamster puppies

My hamster Berta gave birth last Holy Thursday. Mom was about to change her cage’s bedding when she saw some critters crawling.

“Ay, ano ito, bulate?” Mom shouted in alarm. (Ay, what are these, worms?)

Later, she recognized these to be small hamsters. It was a surprise for all of us, since we did not know she was pregnant. I was alarmed, though, that there were only three, since the average for teddy bear hamsters is seven (Berto and Berta’s batch was ten, though one died).

While the mother tended to be over-productive, we could not help but take a look every time, to see their progress. In their second week, one of them managed to slip in the mother’s milk bowl. Good thing there was only less than half a millimeter of milk. We had to get Berta’s attention, since we couldn’t touch them yet (the mother might get rattled and eat them).

Last Thursday, they reached three weeks, so it was safe to touch the pups. Time to change the bedding, which we did Saturday morning. They are so malikot, I had a hard time putting them back into their mother’s cage. They could always wiggle away from my hands. Here are some pictures:

hamster puppies

hamster puppies

hamster puppies

hamster puppies

hamster puppies

hamster puppies

(Photos taken using Sony Ericsson P1i, reduced to 460 pixel width. Sorry about the quality of photos. I really need a decent point-and-shoot, if not a DSLR.)

I have not named them yet, since they are due to be taken by their new owners, if plans push through.

Posted at the request of Dra. Tess

12 thoughts on “My hamster puppies

  1. I hate hamsters :c

    Oh and you can’t touch them until they grow some fur otherwise their scent will change and insta-cannibalism for you!

  2. You should ask your human he he. Well, unless you have doubts that Qingzi’s having an affair (and you should know), paternity test is not necessary.

    Besides, your human is not sure if Qingzi’s really pregnant.

  3. Elementary, my dear Tiffy.

    One, you can see that you were tagged by the comment system (actually a plugin) to be using Mac OS X, so you are using at least an Apple computer.

    Second, you sent me a text message before, asking about MacBook. So there.

    No, I don’t have spying capabilities. I wish I had one, though. It would make me rich!

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