My top 10 emerging influential blogs of 2008

Last year, I blogged my choices for the 2007 Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs at Arbet .LOG (formerly known as The Lonely Vampire Chronicles). I was glad that one of the blogs that I cited made it to last year’s top ten, and now look at him, everyone knows him.

Also, I noted the absence of political blogs in the top ten, and made several conclusions out of the writing project. I also noted that Manuel L. Quezon III is an influential blogger, but his top ten list came in late into the writing project, making little impact. Janette Toral made an interesting tweet, wherein she said that “if MLQ submitted earlier, blogs he cited might got more support.”

So when The 2008 Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs writing project was announced, that twit came into my mind, and I immediately informed MLQ3 about it. So on week 1, he made his list. Looking at the overall ranking as of week 9, two of the blogs that he cited remain in the top ten. So somehow, Janette’s inference is validated in a way.

There are five more weeks into the project. There are two political blogs in the list, and it is time to add some more to it. Who will be that next influential blogger to cite political blogs?

While I will cite political blogs, I AM NOT THAT INFLUENTIAL BLOGGER. I have no illusions of being an influential blogger, but I do aspire to influence others through blogging. Perhaps Filipino Voices can weigh in? Or some other influential blogger?

Anyway, here is my list, in no particular order (and with no explanation whatsoever):

1. Filipino Voices
2. Fritzified
3. The Mount Balatucan Monitor
4. Smoke
5. The Marocharim Experiment
6. New Philippine Revolution
7. Vera Files
8. Mon Casiple
9. Food Blog for Hungry Bachelors
10. Manila Foodistas

Honorable mention: Teknostik (but it’s goners, sorry)

In case numbers 4 and 5 are disqualified, here are the replacements (in order of preference):

1. Teknostik (if it ever gets back to its feet)
2. You Got Tech
3. Davao Delicious
4. Visit Sagada

PS: If you plan to join this writing project or if your list is incomplete, can you please consider Food Blog for Hungry Bachelors? KTHXBAI

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