Political bloggers are human beings, too

Most people think political bloggers are stiff, serious all the time, aloof, ivory-tower-dwelling persons who don’t know how to crack jokes, and who won’t laugh at any jokes. They don’t have the time for frivolous things; they only talk about politics and social issues (and the occasional gossip). The political bloggers have this reputation that somehow turns off (well, not really turn off) some people, and some even shout “nose bleed!” when talking with political bloggers.

But. They are human beings too. They laugh, they cry, they agonize, they take a bath, they eat, they visit the crapper when needed, they breathe the same polluted air.

And to prove that political bloggers are human beings, too, just invite them to videoke. Nothing beats a microphone and a loud sound system blaring YMCA.

So that’s what Ria Jose found out last night when we went to Red Box Greenbelt 3, together with Juned, Fritz, Poyt, Billycoy, Marcelle, Arpee (who went home agad, ander kasi), Markku (with girlfriend), and Jayvee (with girlfriend). Unfortunately for you (and fortunately for me), there are no incriminating evidence. Yet. Anyway, it was a fun night, which was definitely a concert by Marcelle, with occasional assist from anyone. And for the first time, I came home super duper uber late. Lagot ako sa nanay ko.

And thankfully, by mutual consent, there are no videos. Ay, meron yata. Yari ako. Huhuhu.

So there. No wonder a noted political blogger avoids videoke like SARS. I now understand.

11 thoughts on “Political bloggers are human beings, too

  1. Midnight is late. And yes, 10pm is my bedtime, still is.

    Videoke doesn’t like me, either. But the people were tolerant naman of my singing. I think. Let’s wait for the rants afterwards ha ha ha.

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