Technical problems

I am aware that this site has been out of the radar from time-to-time since Saturday. Actually, there were intermittent outages last week, lasting from 30 minutes to an hour. But what had happened last weekend and yesterday was troublesome.

At home, I use Smart 3G as my Internet connection. This past weekend, I wasn’t able to access this site at all. As in, all I got from Firefox was “page reset” yada yada. I had confirmed with a friend that the site was inaccessible, but another friend had no problems viewing the site. Weird.

Then, yesterday. I was maintaining a deathwatch for Jose de Venecia’s speakership when I couldn’t access this site at 3PM (I was not using Smart 3G). Another friend sent me text message telling me that my site was goners. I went out of the office at quarter to six in the evening, and I still couldn’t access it. At the bus, via YM on mobile, I asked another friend to check it out. It was around 6:30 PM, and the site was still inaccessible.

At 8PM, at home, I couldn’t access the site using Smart 3G, but two of my friends using PLDT myDSL reported that they could access it.

Now, I can access it here at work. But we’ll see at around 3PM.

Now, may I ask for your help? When you attempt to access this site and seen nothing, please send an email to awb[at], detailing the time and day when you attempted to access this site. Please send an email for every failed attempt. I will document this situation and hopefully forward them to my Web host. I will appreciate it very much.

Yes, I had opened a support ticket last Sunday; as of this moment (9:24 AM, 2/5/2008), the ticket is unacted upon.

PS: Please visit my LiveJournal in case this site is goners.

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