Before us, the Coke deluge

Attended last Friday’s Buhay Coke ng Blogger’s Party at Taste Asia, which is at the SM Hypermarket, SM Mall of Asia. Before that, I took a walk, savored the cool breeze, and saw my attempts to find a network attached storage fail miserably. The tech shops at MoA were disappointing and uninviting.

One queen famously said “After us, the deluge.” Well, I dunno if there was a queen before the event, but indeed there was a deluge of Coke Zero. For the record, I had two cans that night, a personal record. I dunno, I find Coke Zero to be lacking in sweetness. Maybe that’s just me, since another blogger told me that he found Coke Zero to be sweeter than regular Coke.

Memorable moments:

* For the first time (finally), I get to be a volunteer for Marcelle‘s magic. Either I am not a good liar, or he’s a shaman.

* Shari‘s “scary moment” turned out to be an elaborate Punk’d. So says Marcelle. BTW, go read her blog post about the youth’s involvement (or non-involvement) in politics and governance.

* The Jester-in-Exile‘s attempts to appear as an angel. MONUMENTAL FAIL, translating Dra. Tess‘ comments in LOLspeak. And their attempt to make me violate my own curfew. Me=fail.

* Jeff almost slumping down, due to being awake for 24 hours. Seriously, you should see it. Like this one.

* Fritz making good his promise to be whoop-ass P&S photographer. Seriously, just take a look.

* Juned‘s bad-ass, it-could-kill lense. Which played well with his scary mask. Take a look at the casualties. Fritz is partly to blame for some of the casualties.

* The Manila Foodistas came in full force. Tiff was mighty proud of her figure. Jeff, Josh, and I saw no difference, really. Kidding!

* Loads of Bloggers Da Who moments, but I’ll leave that for AJ to chronicle.

Kudos to self-confessed Coke addict Aileen Apolo for a blast of an event. You can find other blog posts about the event listed in her blog.

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  7. 1st time here, hop-hop here from Aileen’s blog, thx to the coke party ive got to visit other interesting bloggers in the blogosphere like you ???

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