Annoyance of the Week: Can’t I just say no?

From my Twitter twits, from the first in series of twits.

* Wondering how {name of insurance provider} got my home and work phone number.
* I want to go home and play PS2. That call got me seething, and I want to punch somebody. Can’t you just say no nowadays?
* I am so tired of my name being misspelled and mispronounced. From now on, any telemarketer or agent who mispronounce my name shall hear NO.
* And any written communication with my name misspelled shall receive no reply from me, ever.

I really wanted to end the week right, so I’ll bury myself tinkering with my new toy.


Annoyance of the Week: Preferred whatever

Whoever says that social classes are things of the past needs to get their illusions shattered.

Just go to a nearest BPI branch, and one counter is clearly labeled “Preferred banking clients.” Yes, if you are not rich enough, you are not a preferred banking client, and you cannot line up in that counter.

I am no communist, but I just want to disillusion people about this Enchanted Kingdom.

PS: I paid my BPI bill at this BPI branch, and took me an hour just to pay a five-hundred peso credit card bill.

“We’ll take you farther.” Eh. It should be “We’ll waste your time.” More appropos, I guess.