Nokia Tube

Nokia was in the touchscreen phone business four years ago, with Nokia 7710 as the flagship of sorts running Symbian OS on Series 90 interface. I got this phone December 2005 till I got Sony Ericsson m600i. Nokia 7710 was a bulky phone, and being the only one in the series meant less software. It died a natural death.

There is also Nokia 6708 (said to be the first touchscreen phone for Nokia). While Nokia 7710 is dead, 6708 seems to live on. But to date, no Nokia touchscreen phone has been released.

The Apple iPhone is an eye-opener for Nokia, and is now trying to catch up. There was a demo of the s60 Touch UI months ago, and now there seems to be a device in existence.

Here is the Nokia Tube.

Too bad. Nokia had the vision right four years ago, but it fumbled and gave up. Now they play catch-up. Will it be the iPhone killer? Too early to tell, but if that’s their goal, well it is wrong. Nokia should just release a good phone with an intuitive interface, that’s all. Nokia 7710’s UI is good though the phone is slow and heavy.

(Photos from Symbian Freak and, via Just AMP)

UPDATE: has listed the purported specs for this device:

– 3.2 inch touchscreen
– Tactile Feedback
– 640×360
– 16 million colors

– 3.2 mega pixel
– autofocus

– Quad Band GSM (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 Mhz)

– Bluetooth 2.0
– Wifi
– 3.5 mm jack
– TV out

– 140 MB of internal memory
– measures 111x52x14.5 mm
– weighs 104 grams

(Update via Just AMP.)