Sony Ericsson P5?

Here’s another picture of the alleged successor to Sony Ericsson P1i:

Codenamed Paris, this is supposed to be the P5, which allegedly sports the latest version of Symbian UIQ, and a slider with the same rocker keypad (two letters at each end of the button) that P1 and m600i have. It seems that the button is half-white, half-black.

To be honest, with EXPERIA X1 in the horizon, I do not see the value of P5 being released within the same period (unless you are not a fan of Windows Mobile). Sony Ericsson should have released this months ago (P1i is already 6 months old).

I’m no fan of sliders, though I did own a Nokia 7110. And there is nothing compelling with Paris for me to want it. X1 remains my phone of choice (if I could afford it, of course), unless a 3G Apple iPhone that is not exclusively locked to a single carrier manages to grace these islands.

(Photo from Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog, via Just AMP.)

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