Apple unleashes iPod Classic, Touch; fanboys cry in ecstasy

So, Apple has unleashed amongst us mere mortals new iPods for you to drool on. I am not an Apple fan, and just for disclosure rules, I own a 30GB iPod Video. No, I have not bought it; I won it at the Philippine Blog Awards last March.

With that out in the bag, let me note two products announced last night Manila time that are of interest to me. These are the noteworthy among the lineup.

First is the iPod Classic. From Apple Hot News:

Providing 80GB or 160GB of storage, the new iPod classic lets you carry up to 40,000 songs or 200 hours of video—your entire collection of music, photos, video, podcasts, and games—wherever you go. In addition to the features you already enjoy, the new iPod classic delivers an enhanced user interface, featuring Cover Flow, and a new, thinner and all-metal enclosure. Available immediately worldwide in silver and black, iPod classic costs just $249 and $349 for the 80GB and 160GB models, respectively.

Press release here.

This product is noteworthy for the storage capacity. For me, this is a nice music player/portable storage. Heck, my 30GB iPod is only 10% filled. So, this will be my portable hard drive he he. It being a music player is just a bonus.

And then there’s the iPod Touch. Again, from Apple Hot News:

The new iPod touch introduced today features built-in Wi-Fi networking and a revolutionary multi-touch user interface—first introduced on iPhone—that makes it easy to find all of your music, video, and other digital content and enjoy it on the gorgeous widescreen display on iPod touch. The multi-touch interface uses pioneering new software to present the perfect user interface for Safari, Apple’s YouTube application, and the new iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store—all of which come with iPod touch. An unbelievable 8mm thin, iPod touch features up to 22 hours of audio playback and up to five hours of video playback. Available later this month, iPod touch comes in 8GB and 16GB models for $299 and $399, respectively.

Press release here.

The storage capacity sucks, I know, but the beauty of this product (for me at least) lies on two: the touchscreen and the WiFi. Yes, if given one, the primary use for this one (again, for me), aside from being a music player, is a wireless Web browser.

Now, if only another blogger event would have this up for grabs in a raffle, count me in. As in now.

Oh, BTW, my birthday’s coming up. If you can give me an iPod Touch, I will blog about you everyday for 30 working days in gratitude. Or, free advertisement for your company/product/service in my blogs for a year.