Using Smart 3G: Port blocking is no more

Mobility Philippines reports that Smart has started unblocking ports for its 3G service. I had checked that out and here’s what I found:

* I can now access my site’s cPanel, which means port blocking on HTTP is lifted.
* I can now chat via Internet Relay Chat, which means common IRC ports (starting at port 6666) are now open.
* I can now download via torrents. Port forwarding is now allowed over Smart 3G.

Note that there is nothing spectacular about torrent speeds over Smart 3G (at least on my end).

Now if only Smart implements HSDPA (and that would mean getting an HSDPA phone).

One thought on “Using Smart 3G: Port blocking is no more

  1. wow internet in tagbilaran Bohol sucks big time, I can’t get any decent service, they dont even have hardware to install! absolute crap, I mean really bad service man! I heard the smart port blocks where lifted, then why cant I use pop3 and smtp?

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